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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Chelsea SW3

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning from Oven Cleaning Chelsea helps to ensure a productive, sanitary business, and brings your Chelsea SW3 commercial kitchen in accordance with the latest health and safety regulations. We use experienced cleaners and eco-friendly materials to give you sparkling results without latent odors or chemical residues and the accompanying health risks.


Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Chelsea SW3 comes with certain complications. Finding a reliable company, ensuring that non-hazardous cleaning methods are used, and trusting a third party with sensitive health and safety issues can be a nerve-wracking experience. We employ local Chelsea oven and kitchen cleaners to make your commercial kitchen cleaning service run as smoothly as possible. Our cleaners are up to date on the latest food safety standards, equipped with environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and methods, and are focused on providing a prompt, reliable commercial cleaning service that delivers lasting results.


We do a lot of work for Chelsea and area restaurants, school canteens, catering services and public service centres. After thousands of successful commercial cleaning jobs, we understand the importance of using safe, non-toxic materials better than anyone out there. We maintain a firm commitment to the environment and to the well being of our customers, using only the latest in non-toxic, eco-friendly chemicals to to make sure our cleaning keeps chefs, cooks, clients, schoolchildren and canteen patrons safe.

For more information about our commercial kitchen cleaning in Chelsea SW3 or to book your appointment, contact one of our knowledgeable support staff. We’re standing by to take your call and book your Chelsea SW3 commercial kitchen cleaning today. Just call 020 8077 2319 seven days a week or book your commercial kitchen cleaning in Chelsea SW3 online.

Before you make a booking you must agree with our Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Terms and conditions.

Testimonials/ view all

“A little late starting, but the final result more than made up for it.”

Tony, SW3


“They gave a professional and much needed hand around the house after a messy holiday season complete with Christmas dinner and too many houseguests.”

Stacie, Chelsea SW3

“After a few months I could never get my ceramic hob back to its original condition. A friend suggested Oven Cleaning Chelsea and I�ve used them every couple of months since then. Great work”

Kevin, Chelsea


“A thorough clean, and my oven looks brand new again. Job well done!”

Louise, Chelsea