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One-Off Deep Cleaning

One-Off Deep Cleaning Services in Chelsea


In today’s busy world, there is no better time to consider combining a one-off deep cleaning with your next oven cleaning service. We can do an amazing job on your oven, making it sparkle and shine again, so why don’t you let us do the same for your entire kitchen? Not only will we save you time, trouble and money, we will be relieving you of one of the nations least favorite tasks…cleaning the kitchen.

If you combine a one-off deep cleaning with your oven cleaning, you may qualify for a significant discount! We will scrub your kitchen from top to bottom to get it in shape for the holidays, for spring cleaning or any season. Friends and family alike will all be clamoring to taste your famous dishes. With a clean kitchen, cooking for friends is more of a treat than an obligation, and this season, you owe it to yourself to do it all from the comfort of a sparkling, dazzling kitchen.


When we arrive for your oven cleaning, we will also scrub and scour your kitchen (and the rest of the home, if you like) thoroughly. That means we will sanitize and scour all food preparation surfaces, clean the surfaces of other kitchen appliances, mop floors, and de-lime or de-scale sink fixtures. The end result is a kitchen even the most famous chefs would be proud to prepare food in, all just starting at £14 per hour. We are the most affordable deep cleaners in Chelsea.

If you have questions about these or any of our other top-notch deep cleaning services, you may reach us 24/7 by calling on 020 8077 2319. Our knowledgeable, helpful staff will be glad to answer any questions you have. They will also provide free quotes, while highlighting the benefits of combining services while showing you how doing so will save you money immediately.

Don’t hesitate, let us help you get your kitchen spic-and span today, so cooking will be a pleasure instead of a chore!

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“A little late starting, but the final result more than made up for it.”

Tony, SW3


“They gave a professional and much needed hand around the house after a messy holiday season complete with Christmas dinner and too many houseguests.”

Stacie, Chelsea SW3

“After a few months I could never get my ceramic hob back to its original condition. A friend suggested Oven Cleaning Chelsea and I�ve used them every couple of months since then. Great work”

Kevin, Chelsea


“A thorough clean, and my oven looks brand new again. Job well done!”

Louise, Chelsea